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Buel may refer to:

  • Buel, Kentucky
  • Lake Buel, Massachusetts, United States
  • Buel Township, Michigan, United States

Usage examples of "buel".

Chief Buel, and Dorothy leaned on the door, stretching her short legs on the floor.

Chief Buel put the investigation in his charge, asking for a daily report on his findings.

Chief Buel was angered and embarrassed by the article, and he let his men know his feelings.

I got up at dawn and slipped out of the house before Buel was stirring.

Sergeant Hoster along with the bodies of Scout Buel Hitch and the barber whose shop was by the west gate.

James Robert Buel, scion of a distinguished Virginia family, who was a house guest of Mrs.

White-haired Buel Dowtry, the fletcher, stood with the bowmen, of course.

But they came out in a widening throng, Elam and Dav, Ewin and Aram, Eward Candwin and Buel Dowtry, Hu and Tad the stablemen from the Winespring Inn, Ban and Tell and the Companions riding with that banner still.

Leaping straight up, he looped a leg around it and jerked Buel, the man holding the chain, off his feet.

Letting out a hoarse cry as he hit the hard ground, Buel lost his grip.

Reconstruction, but the Buels sold their land in the 1880s at something like two dollars an acre.

When Buel reached the deck out of this pandemonium, he looked around for another citizen of the United States, but she was not there.