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Bué is a commune in the Cher department in the Centre region of France.

Usage examples of "bue".

Soon only three or four remained, and I was left to wonder whether my rescuers were after all not the kindly mountaineers I had taken them to be, bue merely superstitious savages.

Newar casting and relevant discussions, see Lo Bue in Oddy and Zwalf, 1981.

Herzer centered himself and started the battle with an attempted shield bash which Bue turned to the side deftly and then they began hammering.

He had been aware that Mnementh showed an unusual affection for the Weyrwoman, bue he had had no idea Lessa was fond of the bronze.

A customer found the attendant, Moogey Bues, in the gas station office with a big hole in his head.

For unknown reasons he decided to shoot his friend Moogey Bues in the knee.