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Budugu is a fictional character created by Mullapudi Venkata Ramana of Andhra Pradesh in India. Budugu is a precocious and bratty child, characterised by his inimitably childish Telugu . Mullapudi describes the world as seen through his eyes with humour. Budugu has an opinion about everything. He talks about culture, raising children, politicians and the 13th table. His lifetime ambition is to become a jhatka(horse-cart) rider/vengine(train) driver. Recurring characters include his immediate family (parents – Radha and Gopalam, grandmother – baamma, and unmarried uncle – baabai) who live in their extended family and various neighbors like laavupaati pakkinti pinnigaru and her husband, budugu's child love c gaana pasoonamba, detective and others, who make cameo appearances.

'budugu – chichula pidugu' is the name of the serial published by 'Andhra Pathrika' in which Mullapudi Venkata Ramana introduces 'budugu'. Apparently, 'budugu' is autobiographical in nature where the author describes some of his childhood days/thoughts/happenings and the rest is all in the spirit of imagination. This collection later appeared in two volumes.

The drawings of Budugu are by Bapu, a maker of Telugu films. Bapu excels in capturing the expressions of the characters perfectly.

"Budugu" is a pet name for the child and was later used for a whole generation of children in Andhra Pradesh.