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n. (plural of bud English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: bud)

Buds (album)

Buds is a 1991 compilation album released by Australian alternative rock group, The Stems, on Citadel Records.

Usage examples of "buds".

Your sons and grandsons will not suffer, save that all mates henceforward will take no buds from them.

But the Skarmer would care nothing for that, would be aiming to plant their own buds on the local mates--Fralk, curse him, had come right out and said as much.

He knew that Biyal's buds would break free of her when they were ripe, and that she would die when that happened.

No, Reatur thought, she did not understand the connection between buds and death that so abridged mates' lives.

What would Lamra be like, if somehow she could live on after the buds dropped from her?

She was beginning to have a swelling above each foot, but the buds did not inconvenience her yet, and so she did not think about them very much.

For that matter, the time when the buds would drop still seemed a very long way off.

She had been going to end when her buds dropped, and the time that might come after still did not feel as though it belonged to her.

Even if she had, the growing buds were starting to make her too slow to keep up.

Some of your budlings might be allowed to live on, to plant buds themselves and to work with us toward building a new land.

It was right on the point of dropping its buds, and she wanted to see what she could do to keep it from bleeding to death immediately afterward.

At last the eloc let her stroke and prod the tight-stretched skin over one of its buds.

Plafiting buds on you now would be like, like"--the domain-master sounded like someone groping after an idea-- "like mating with a friend.

As you can see, she will not be ready to have buds planted on her again for some time, if ever.

What must planting buds be like for them, with so much practice on both sides?