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Budel is a village in the Dutch province of North Brabant. It is located in the municipality of Cranendonck, 25 km outside Eindhoven. Kempen Airport is located near Budel.

Budel used to be a separate municipality. It merged with Maarheeze in 1997, and changed its name a year later to Cranendonck. It is home to the Budelse Brouwerij, one of the country's largest microbreweries.

South of the town the large zinc smelter of Nyrstar (named Umicore before 2007) is located.

Though located in North Brabant near Eindhoven, the spoken dialect is Budels (linguistically a Limburgish dialect), rather than Kempenlands (linguistically an East Brabantian dialect).

Budel (disambiguation)

Budel may refer to:

  • Budel, village in the Dutch province of North Brabant
  • Budel, Poland, village in the Masovian Voivodeship in east-central Poland
  • Julius Büdel (1903–1983), German geomorphologist
  • Büdel Islands, at Antarctica
  • Kempen Airport, also known as Budel Airport