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Búč is a village and municipality in the Komárno District in the Nitra Region of south-west Slovakia.


Buč (; in older sources also Beč, ) is a small settlement on the Nevljica River in the Tuhinj Valley in the Municipality of Kamnik in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia. It includes the hamlets of Brezovica , Vetrnik, and Smrtna Vas .

Usage examples of "buc".

And Loric and Phais both smiled down at the buccan, while Beau looked at him in astonishment.

And when finally the Spawn were gone from sight, Phais awakened the buccan and down the slope they all went, back to the horses and ponies, Beau grumbling that Year's Short Day was now also gone and they hadn't gotten to have their birthday party.

Even so, Terror paced alongside the buccan, keeping him company on his perilous path.

Yes, bucco, I believe you are right: it has to be the tent of a surrogate.

He was dressed much like the ones who had escorted the buccan under the wall: fleece jacket over a chain mail shirt, with quilted brown breeks and fleece-lined boots.

Different from Human, he was, and different from Elf as well, yet in his features he held something of each, or so it seemed to the buccan.

As the buccan stood looking, Mage Alvaron waved Tip to a vacant seat at hand.

A vision of Rynna filled Tipperton's mind, and his eyes brimmed, and in that moment a sense of shared sorrow swept over the buccan.

Teeming maggot-folk yet beringed the city, but the buccan had expected no less.

Of a sudden the healer's words jerked to a halt and he looked past the buc-can.

Even so he rushed forward, running ahead, passing the wheeled ballista, the buccan trying not to scream.

In the stillness which followed, he looked down at the buccan and then out at his captains and warriors, his lords and ladies, his healers .

Imongar came limping to Tipperton and embraced the buccan and whispered her thanks to him in spite of his having stabbed her in the leg with one of his very sharp arrows.

And the Elf reached out and clasped the buccan to him and wept as if he were nought but a child.

Then he looked at Tip, his eyes widening in surprise to see the buccan lying at the lip on his stomach as if he were afraid of heights.