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Bubù (also known as Bubu) is a 1971 Italian historical drama film directed by Mauro Bolognini. The film is a transposition, set in Milan and Turin, of the novel Bubu de Montparnasse by Charles-Louis Philippe.

Usage examples of "bubu".

He shot a quick glance at Bubu before looking back at the Master of Sinanju.

Remo turned, curious, he saw that Bubu was picking his way around the broken baobab.

Still clutching his machete, Bubu spun into open air and plunged into the river of waste, disappearing below the water without a trace.

When he glanced into the river, he was just in time to see Bubu break the surface.

He plucked the machete from where it jutted at the apex and continued his sprint down the far side to where Bubu waited on the platform.

His body had detected the radiation leaking into the cavern before he and Bubu had even turned into the tunnel.

Batubizee and Bubu hoped there was time enough for the ancient Master of Sinanju to stop the bomb.

All of the people Remo had seen there would die-from Chief Batubizee to Bubu to the women and children who sat in the bone-dry dust.

Both he and the Master of Sinanju detected the radiation in the air even before they came to the entrance of the tunnel down which Remo and Bubu had discovered the first nuclear device.

They met up with Chief Batubizee and Bubu on the sprawling flagstone patio.

Faces beaming pure joy, Bubu and Chief Batubizee broke from the crowd, running over to the two Masters of Sinanju.

Sesha opened the carrier bag, lifted the lid of the wooden box, and peeped in at Bubu Flumpkin.

Ruth had gone to put the baby to bed, to reach out with her foot, rescue Bubu Flumpkin from where she had spotted him, in the shadows beneath that lovely wooden credenza, and kick him swiftly out of sight beneath her own chair.

The Bubu Flumpkin Ajit had produced was not the Bubu Flumpkin she had stolen, but a second Bubu Flumpkin.

Ajit had intended for her to take this identical Bubu with her to the craft village and switch it with the first Bubu, to whose signals the airjam had proved impermeable.