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Buariki (Aranuka)

Buariki is the largest island in the Aranuka atoll of the Gilbert Islands in the Republic of Kiribati. Together with Takaeang the two large islands form the triangle shape of the atoll with Buariki forming the base.


Buariki may refer to several places in Kiribati:

  • Buariki (Tarawa), the northernmost island of Tarawa Atoll and site of the World War II Battle of Buariki
    • Buariki (Tarawa village)
  • Buariki (Tabiteuea), an island in the southern part of Tabiteuea Atoll
    • Buariki (Tabiteuea village), the main village of Tabiteuea
  • Buariki (Aranuka), the largest island in Aranuka Atoll
    • Buariki (Aranuka village)
  • Buariki (Kuria), the larger of the two Kuria (islands)
  • Buariki (Onotoa), the northernmost island in the Onotoa Atoll
Buariki (Tarawa)

Buariki is an island in northern Tarawa Atoll in the Gilbert Islands of the Republic of Kiribati and was the site of the World War II Battle of Buariki.

Buariki (Tarawa village)

Buariki is a settlement on Buariki (Tarawa), the northernmost island of Tarawa atoll, Kiribati, which is in the administrative area of North Tarawa.

In World War II, the final battle of the Tarawa campaign occurred here on 26 November 1943, when the United States' 2nd Battalion 6th Marines fought the Battle of Buariki. The entire surviving Japanese force of 156, who had escaped Betio and were trapped at Buariki, fought to the death. The Marines had lost 34 men while 56 were wounded.

Buariki (Tabiteuea)

Buariki is a settlement in Kiribati. It is located on an Tabiteuea atoll; It serves as the capital of Tabiteuea South district. Nikutoru is to its east and Taungaeaka to its north.

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