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abbr. bushel, a unit of weight or dry measure


''' Bû ''' is a commune in the Eure-et-Loir department in northern France.

Bu (instrument)

Bu (hangul: 부; hanja: 缶) is a clay pot beaten with a bamboo whisk and used in Korean Confucian court and ritual music; derived from the Chinese fǒu.

Usage examples of "bu".

CHAPTER IV My Amours With Donna Ignazia--My Imprisonment At Buen Retiro--My Triumph --I Am Commended to the Venetian Ambassador by One of the State Inquisitors We entered the ball-room and walked round several times.

His colleague Buzes, who concurred in the same sentiments, lost his rank, his liberty, and his health, by the persecution of the empress: but the disgrace of Belisarius was alleviated by the dignity of his own character, and the influence of his wife, who might wish to humble, but could not desire to ruin, the partner of her fortunes.

June 17, 1871, there were married at Saint-Martins-in-the-Field in London Captain Martin Van Buren Bates of Kentucky and Miss Anna Swann of Nova Scotia, two celebrated exhibitionists, both of whom were over 7 feet.

At dinner I told the story of my sufferings at Buen Retiro, and the conversation I had just had with the Count of Aranda, who had returned me my letters.

Van Buren University is happy to inform you of your reappointment as Associate Professor of Astronomy at the same honorarium as in the previous year.

Dankzij haar meertalige opvoeding beheerste ze Ladino, klassiek Hebreeuws, literair Frans en Engelse correspondentie, nog afgezien van het Turks van haar buren en klasgenoten.

The news, that the Sirkar had feared to attack Buner, spread like wildfire along the frontier, and revived the spirits of the tribes.

He took me to the Castle of Buen Retiro, formerly a royal palace, and now a prison.

At the same time he ordered Brigadier-General Wodehouse to detach a small column in the direction of the southern passes of Buner.

Don Rodrigo de Buen Lozano was a mature, elegant Asturian, a champion at pelota and partridge shooting, who compensated with his other attractions for being twenty-two years older than his wife.

Van Buren, drafted and introduced into the Senate the first subtreasury bill, and that bill provided for ultimately collecting the revenue in specie.

In Buffalo, an antislavery coalition forms the Free-Soil party and nominates former President Martin Van Buren.

When Abraham Van Buren arrived with his brothers, Dolley was glad that she had insisted on buying Anna a new rose-colored velvet dress, cut in the latest style, with a high waist and low, square neck.

His removal was settled upon well before our arrival, primarily for the sake of Mrs van Buren, who is a Malay lady from those parts, but also for the sake of the orang-utang and some of the smaller gibbons, which are to be met with there and not here, to say nothing of the gallinae or nectarineas.

Old Kinderhook, the nickname for Martin van Buren, in his presidential campaign.