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BTL may refer to:

  • Battle Creek (Amtrak station), Amtrak station code BTL
  • Belize Telecommunications Limited, a Belizean telecommunications company
  • Bell Telephone Laboratories, now known as Bell Labs
  • Better Than Life, a fictional video game in the Red Dwarf television series
  • Biomass to liquid, the process to synthesize liquid fuels from biomass
  • Boeing Toronto Limited, a former wholly owned component of Boeing
  • Bridge-tied load, an output configuration for amplifiers
  • Buy-to-let, a UK investment strategy — buying property (often with a mortgage) to let out
  • Bachelor of Talmudic Law, a type of bachelor's degree
  • W. K. Kellogg Airport, IATA identifier BTL
  • Between the Lines Books, Canadian publisher
  • Bethel, Connecticut, a town
  • Bilateral tubal ligation, a medical procedure
  • Boticas BTL, a Peruvian pharmacy chain
  • BTL (band), a South Korean boy band
BTL (band)

BTL (; stylized as BTL), also known as Beyond The Limit, is a South Korean boy band signed under Kiroy Company. The group consisted of nine members: Jisu, Jean.Paul, Jay, Robin, DoKa, Q.L, Max, Allen, and YuA. They released their debut single "Too-G" on May 15, 2014 under LOEN Entertainment. They were scheduled to release their second title song "Gold Moon" in the like-titled mini-album on July 23, 2015, but the mini-album was only released as a promotional album in Hong Kong.