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BTF may refer to the following:

  • Back to the Future film and/or film series.
  • BTF (finance), French Treasury bills
  • Baseball Think Factory, website
  • Berkshire Theatre Festival, arts venue in Massachusetts, United States
  • Bhindranwala Tigers Force of Khalistan, Sikh militant group
  • Bhutan Tiger Force
  • Bidirectional texture function
  • Bottesford railway station, Leicestershire, England (station code: BTF)
  • Brain Trauma Foundation, American organisation
  • Brain Tumor Foundation, American charity
  • British Tamils Forum
  • British Transport Films
  • British Triathlon Federation, the national governing body for triathlon, duathlon and multisport in Great Britain.
  • blessthefall, a metalcore band
  • Skypark Airport, Bountiful, Utah, United States (IATA code: BTF)
  • Benzotrifluoride, an alternative name of Trifluorotoluene
  • Bu Tatang Family, Bekasi, Indonesia ( Family / Group )]
  • Ben Taylor Fresh of Warwick University, owner of Banter and Sons.
BTF (finance)

BTFs (Bons du Trésor à taux fixe et à intérêts précomptés) are fixed-rate short-term discount Treasury bills issued by the French debt agency Agence France Trésor (AFT). They are fungible securities whose original maturity is less than or equal to one year. BTFs are issued on a weekly basis by auction, according to a quarterly calendar published in advance specifying the maturity of bills to be auctioned. A 3-month BTF is issued each week, together with a semi-annual or annual BTF.

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