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BSV are initials often adopted by German sports clubs, the SV standing for Sportverein or Spielverein:

  • Berliner SV 1892 (Berliner Sport-Verein)
  • Berliner SV 92 Rugby (Berliner Sport-Verein)
  • BSV Kickers Emden (Barenburger Sportverein)
  • BSV 98 Bayreuth which merged with 1. FC Bayreuth to form FSV Bayreuth
  • BSV Halle-Ammendorf (Ballspielverein)
  • BSV 07 Schwenningen (Ballspielverein)

Other sporting clubs:

  • BSV Limburgia (Dutch)
  • BK Søllerød-Vedbæk (Danish)

BSV may also refer to

  • Banana streak virus
  • Business service visualization
  • Bilim ve Sanat Vakfı, the foundation which established Istanbul Şehir University
  • The.BSV file extension in BSAVE (graphics image format)
  • Vanguard Short-Term Bond ETF, an exchange-traded fund with ticker symbol BSV
  • Buckshaw Parkway railway station's station code
  • Black Sign Variation an alternative name for a dialect of Black American Sign Language