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BSR is an abbreviation that has a number of meanings:

  • Baltic Sea Region
  • IATA code for Basrah International Airport
  • Berkeley Science Review, a magazine published by graduate students at UC Berkeley
  • Birmingham Sound Reproducers, a British audio, electronics and record player manufacturer; also known as BSR McDonald and, later, Astec Power Supply
  • X10 powerline communications standard, created by Birmingham Sound Reproducers
  • Bit Scan Reverse, an x86 architecture instruction; see the find first set instruction
  • Bootstrap Router, a term used in Protocol Independent Multicast to configure Rendezvous Points
  • Brain stimulation reward
  • BS Records, a record label created by Brendon Small
  • The British School at Rome
  • Brown Student/Community Radio, Providence, RI student and community radio station
  • Buddhist Studies Review, a journal published by the UK Association for Buddhist Studies