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init. (context medicine English) (w: Bachelor of Science in Nursing)


BSN may refer to:

  • Biotechnology Society of Nepal, a Non-profit Biotechnology Organization
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, an undergraduate degree in Nursing
  • Baloncesto Superior Nacional, basketball league in Puerto Rico
  • Bank Simpanan Nasional, the government-owned bank in Malaysia
  • Boussois-Souchon-Neuvesel, French food and beverage company which changed its name to Groupe Danone in 1994
  • Blue Square North, the current sponsored name of one of the two leagues that form the second-highest level of non-league football in England
  • Body sensor network, a wireless network of wearable computing devices
  • Boy Scouts of Nippon, a former name of the Scout Association of Japan
  • Burgerservicenummer, the national identification number in the Netherlands
  • The British School in the Netherlands, a school in The Hague, the Netherlands
  • Broadcasting System of Niigata, a Japanese TV station