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Bryn (which is Welsh for hill) is a component ward of the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan, Greater Manchester, England. It is part of the larger town of Ashton-in-Makerfield and is geographically indistinguishable from it, but forms a separate local council ward. The population of this ward at the 2011 census was 11,662. Served by Bryn railway station, Bryn is home to the Three Sisters Recreation Area which has been created from three large spoil tips which remain from Bryn's role in Lancashire's coal mining past. The recreation area is also the site of the Three Sisters Race Circuit, which provides race driving instruction and plays host to kart racing events and motorcycle road race meetings at clubman level.

The former Bryn (or Brynne) Hall was the seat of the Gerard family beginning in the thirteenth century or earlier. It was a "safe house" for the English Roman Catholic martyr and saint Edmund Arrowsmith and his hand was reportedly preserved there after his execution. The house, dating to the fourteenth century, has now completely collapsed and remaining stones been cleared.

The Roman Catholic parish of Our Lady of Good Counsel was founded in 1896. In 1902 the foundation stone of the church, dedicated to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, was laid by Bishop Thomas Whiteside, the 4th Bishop of Liverpool. The church, situated on Downall Green Road, was designed in the style popularised by Pugin and opened on 21 October 1903. On 8 September 1955 the church was consecrated and the holy relics of two early Roman martyrs – Saints Speciosi and Fructuosi, were placed under the altar stone. Ion the course of over 100 years, the church has been served by a total of 13 priests, the current parish priest being Father John Gorman.

The Unitarian Park Lane Chapel in Wigan Road was built in 1697, though its congregation was founded in 1662. It is the oldest Non-conformist chapel and congregation in the whole district. By the nineteenth century Park Lane was only one of nine non-conformist chapels in the heavily recusant area.

Bryn (disambiguation)

Bryn (the Welsh word for hill or mound) can refer to:

  • Bryn (surname)
Bryn (surname)

This family is of Norman origin. It is said they are descendants of Alan le Brin who settled in Thurnham after the Norman conquest of England.

Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alexia Bryn 1889–1983), Norwegian pair skater
  • Alfred Jørgen Bryn (1862–1937), Norwegian patent engineer
  • Halfdan Bryn (1864–1933), Norwegian physical anthropologist
  • Olaf Bryn (1872–1948), Norwegian politician
  • Thomas Bryn (1782–1827), Norwegian jurist, magistrate and civil servant
  • Yngvar Bryn (1881–1947), Norwegian track and field athlete and pair skater

Usage examples of "bryn".

The tenth village, Bryn Shander, though now a walled, bustling settlement of several thousand people, had been merely an empty hill sporting a solitary cabin where the fishermen would meet once a year, exchanging stories and goods with the traders from Luskan.

As the only true scrimshander in Lonelywood, Regis was the sole person in the town with reason or desire to travel regularly to Bryn Shander, the principle settlement and market hub of Ten-Towns.

These meetings took place in Bryn Shander, and though they normally broke down into nothing more than petty arguments over fishing territories between villages, they usually lasted only a few hours.

Only its distance from Bryn Shander had kept the town in the wood from being a more prominent member of Ten-Towns.

Their valley was just north of Bryn Shander, as close to the principle city as any of the fishing villages, and the humans, often warring with each other and fighting off invaders, were happy to trade for the marvelous armor and weapons that the dwarves forged.

Bruenor settled into a crouch and turned his eyes to the south, toward the distant lights of Bryn Shander.

He often escorted and protected the halfling through the dangerous first legs of the journey from Lonelywood, around the open tundra north of Maer Dualdon and down toward Bryn Shander, when Regis went to the principle city for business or council meetings.

So the friends watched in silence as the lights of Bryn Shander went down, one by one.

Proximity to Bryn Shander was second only to the quantity of fish hooked in determining the success and size of the fishing towns.

High walls surrounded Bryn Shander, as much protection from the biting wind as from invading goblins or barbarians.

Inside, the buildings were similar to those of the other towns: low, wooden structures, except that in Bryn Shander they were more tightly packed together and often subdivided to house several families.

Away from the noisy market section of the city, Regis passed the palatial home of Cassius, the spokesman of Bryn Shander.

He focused his attention on the two most powerful spokesmen, Cassius of Bryn Shander and Kemp of Targos, as they sat at the head of the rectangular table and chatted.

But anyone who had ever seen the spokesman from Bryn Shander raise a sword in battle or maneuver his charges on the field had no doubts concerning his fighting prowess or his bravery.

Combining the appeal of a remote community with easy access to Bryn Shander had made Easthaven the fastest growing community in all of Ten-Towns, with a fishing fleet that had swelled to nearly rival the boats of Caer-Dineval.