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Enformed whan the kyng was of that knyght, And hath conceyved in his wit aright The manere and the forme of al this thyng, Thus glad and blithe this noble doughty kyng Repeireth to his revel as biforn, The brydel is unto the tour yborn, And kept among hise jueles, leeve and deere.

It was Bryd, a trainee life-support tech, who was going down to Titan for a few days' break.

They were similarly clad in plain workaday tunics, Bryd and Myel's olive green.

And whan he rood, men myghte his brydel heere Gynglen in a whistlynge wynd als cleere, And eek as loude, as dooth the chapel belle, Ther as this lord was keper of the celle.

And of this cry they nolde nevere stenten, Til they the reynes of his brydel henten.

The fomy steedes on the golden brydel Gnawynge, and faste the armurers also With fyle and hamer prikynge to and fro.

Hise jambeux were of quyrboilly, His swerdes shethe of yvory, His helm of laton bright, His sadel was of rewel-boon, His brydel as the sonne shoon, Or as the moone light.

He slow and rafte the skyn of the leoun, He of Centauros leyde the boost adoun, He arpies slow, the crueel bryddes felle, He golden apples refte of the dragoun, He drow out Cerberus the hound of helle.

For by this werk, south, north, ne west ne eest Ther nys yfostred man, ne bryd, ne beest.

Taak any bryd, and put it in a cage, And do al thyn entente and thy corage To fostre it tendrely with mete and drynke, Of alle deyntees that thou kanst bithynke.

And keepe it al so clenly as thou may, Al though his cage of gold be nevere so gay, Yet hath this bryd, by twenty thousand foold, Levere in a forest that is rude and coold Goon ete wormes, and swich wrecchednesse.

For evere this bryd wol doon his bisynesse To escape out of his cage, whan he may.