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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Brun \Brun\, n. [See Broun a brook.] Same as Brun, a brook. [Scot.]


Brun may refer to the following:

  • the French word derived from the Germanic word for "brown" (paronym with brin); if applied to hair, see brunette
  • Brun, Duke of Saxony, died 880
Brun (surname)

Brun is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Ane Brun (born 1976), Norwegian singer/songwriter
  • Bairbre de Brún (born 1954), Irish politician
  • Charles Brun (France), engineer
  • Charles Brun (Denmark) (1866–1919), Danish politician
  • Charles Le Brun (1619–1690), French painter and art theorist
  • Conrad Malte-Brun (1755–1826), Danish-French geographer and journalist
  • Élisabeth-Louise Vigée Le Brun (1755–1842), French painter
  • Eske Brun(1904–1987), politician in Greenland
  • Friederike Brun, German writer
  • Herbert Brün (1918–2000), German-American composer of electronic music
  • Johan Nordahl Brun (1745–1816), Norwegian poet, dramatist, bishop, and politician
  • Johannes Brun (1832-1890), Norwegian stage actor
  • Johannes Brun (officer) (1891-1977), Norwegian military officer and bridge champion
  • Joseph C. Brun (1907-1998), French-American cinematographer
  • Napoleon LeBrun (1821–1901), American architect
  • Pádraig de Brún (1889–1960), Irish clergyman, mathematician and classical scholar
  • Philippe-Alexandre Le Brun de Charmettes (1785–1870), French historian, poet, and official
  • Roy Brun (born 1953), American judge and politician
  • Rudolf Brun, mayor of Zürich 1336–1360
  • Thomas Brun
  • Victor Adolphe Malte-Brun (1816–1889), French geographer and cartographer
  • Viggo Brun, mathematician
  • Walter Brun, racing driver from Switzerland

Usage examples of "brun".

Raphael, by being employed in adulatory allegory, in honour of Princes, as is to be seen in the works of Rubens and Le Brun at Paris, artists of great talents, which they were led to misapply, through the supreme vanity of Louis the Fourteenth.

As Crug reached for another spear, Brun, Grod, and Droog reached the canyon and raced to the blind end, leaping up on the rocks at either side of the huge, pregnant mammoth.

When the level prairie merged into low rolling hills, dotted with fescue and feather grass and red with the richness of iron ore -- the red ochre making it hallowed ground -- Brun knew the salt marsh was not far beyond.

When the wood was gathered and the fireplace set, Grod, the man who walked in front with Brun, uncovered a glowing coal wrapped in moss and stuffed into the hollow end of an aurochs horn.

Muting Brun had been wrong, even more wrong than muting a woman brought up in their world.

Chief witness for the prosecution was Mary Brunner, first member of the Manson Family, who testified that she had witnessed Beausoleil stab Hinman to death.

Dully, she recounted the story of her first sight of Brun arguing with her father, and what followed, up to the point where Barin arrived.

Brun or Broun, as distinguished from the Lowland Brown, which he assumed.

Sydney and hampered with the unclassical name of Brown, his only possible chance of appreciation in his native village is to wear a sombrero like our friend here, let his hair grow long, and call himself Monsieur Le Brun.

The temperature had warmed much faster than the season usually progressed, which puzzled Brun.

That is because he is wearing yellow gloves and shines with all the radiance of riches, but that is my friend Fritz Brunner out of Frankfort-on-the-Main.

But so far from perishing in the flower of his age, Fritz Brunner had the pleasure of laying his stepmother in one of those charming little German cemeteries, in which the Teuton indulges his unbridled passion for horticulture under the specious pretext of honoring his dead.

So the firm of Brunner, Schwab and Company will start with two millions five hundred thousand francs.

Johann Graff of the Hotel du Rhin and his daughter Emilie, Wolfgang Graff the tailor and his wife, Fritz Brunner and Wilhelm Schwab, were Germans, and Pons and the notary were the only Frenchmen present at the banquet.

The good tailor Graffs, who loved Emilie as if she had been their own daughter, were giving up the ground floor of their great house to the young couple, and here the bank of Brunner, Schwab and Company was to be established.