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Usage examples of "brugh".

We have heard the arguments of Moylann that only burial at Brugh na Boann will do him honor.

Not Brugh, who still glowered over his lip, though she had given him a salve to make the swelling go down.

One of the pair lounging in colorful silk robes with Brugh and Taeric had blue eyes and almost white hair, the other skin nearly as dark as her eyes.

Van Brugh raised his three-cornered hat in courtly salute, staring hard at Kitty and the fisherman as he passed them.

He was staring out across the brugh with eyes the color of falling ash.

The name is a corruption of Brugh or Burgh Tay, in allusion to the fortress standing on the rock that juts into the Firth.

North,Subdew the brugh of Aberdene,Mearns, Angus, and all Fyfe to Forth.

So they went underground, at a place called Brugh na Boinne in County Meath, and over time became the Daoine Sidh: the fairies and pookas and Fir Darrigs and leprechauns-yes, and the cluricaunes too.

These green mounds were known by many names, such as raths, knowes, brughs, lisses, and sitheans or shians, but passage existed also under lakes, in coppices, in wells, in high places and low.

Brugh played a dirty trick on me, but I've put over a few of them myself to get money for my department.