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Brue is a village on the Isle of Lewis in the West Side district, in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. It is a crofting township and it is composed of two areas: Am Baile Staigh, which is nearer the coast, and Pàirc Bhrù, which runs towards the moor. In total it covers a road distance of 2.5 km. Brue is situated on a minor road which joins to the A858, and is within the parish of Barvas.

The name Brue is an anglicised form of the Scottish GaelicBrù which in turn comes from an Old Norse word which is believed to have meant bridge; this reflects the centuries of Norsemen occupation and settlement in the Outer Hebrides.

The coastline at Brue is the site of various cairns, including a prehistoric one, and is also near to the site of a blackhouse.

Usage examples of "brue".

Kamahl continued to run, keeping an eye on Brue and swerving back and forth to keep the mage guessing where he was headed.

Just as Kamahl was about to charge at the young mage, Brue dropped his arms to his sides, totally exhausted.

Kamahl whirled around, ready to throw a lightning bolt, but it was just Tybiel and the recovered Joha pulling Brue back toward the rear entrance.

Tybiel shot past a panther to get to a second lizard, while Joha, Brue, Thurmon, and the rest spread out and hunted the rest of the tusked panthers.

Glancing back at the rest of the Elite Eight, Balthor could see they had finished off most of the dementia panthers and that Joha and Brue were rushing to help Tybiel.

Rhian and Marek said their good-byes, but he swore it would not be long before his ship sailed up River Brue and to the estuary.

Crossing over the river Brue by a good stone bridge, we at last reached the small country town for which we had been making, which lies embowered in the midst of a broad expanse of fertile meadows, orchards, and sheep-walks.

East of her, the Scorpion lay curled by the river Brue, the sting in his tail an outcrop of bright stone.

I saw other brues: swimmingstopping to seize upon somethingeatingcasting it away.

Roc said abruptly, "They were using the wild brues to attack the city.

It was likely that Dorrek, when attacked, might loose his brues over the desert with a few men guiding them to raid the vulnerable Hill City.

There was no way for Dorrek's men and brues to get out of the valley without passing through one of these two narrow gorges, both of which Grenfell's projectors now dominated.

A hundred brues went past, lashed by their drivers, slithering off toward a section of the barrage.