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Bruch may refer to the following

  • Bruch, Lot-et-Garonne, a commune in the Lot-et-Garonne département, France
  • Bruch, Rhineland-Palatinate, a municipality in the district Bernkastel-Wittlich, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
  • the old German names of Lom (Strakonice District) and Lom u Mostu in the Czech Republic
  • Bruch's membrane, the innermost layer of the choroid in the eye
  • 5004 Bruch, an asteroid

Bruch is also a relatively common surname.

  • Carl Friedrich Bruch (1789–1857), German ornithologist
  • Ernst Brüche (1900–1985), German physicist
  • Hilde Bruch (1904–1984), psychoanalyst, expert on eating disorders
  • Klaus vom Bruch, German video artist
  • Max Bruch (1838–1920), German composer
  • Ricky Bruch (1946–2011), Swedish athlete
  • Volker Bruch (born 1980), German actor
  • Walter Bruch (1908–1990), German engineer

Usage examples of "bruch".

In 1853 Bruch gained the Mozart Stipendium of 400 gulden per annum for four years at Frankfort-on-Main, and for the following few years studied under Hiller, Reinecke and Breunung.

As Cargill emerged from the bathroom, Bruch came through the door from the hallway.

Lan Bruch had seated himself at a table near a window that had been cur- 116 THE UNIVERSE MAKER tained until this moment.

If the meeting between Bruch and himself had occurred in some weird fashion, then the plan Bruch had advanced was a trick that somebody was trying to play on him.

Lan Bruch of unborn Merlica, city out of a dream, would likewise approve.

Lan Bruch, brought us a complete record of the voting, and introduced your name.

He thought that if Lan Bruch had actually come from the future, then that part of his dream was real.

He was certain now that in some way Lan Bruch had drawn him into the future that was Merlica.

I can recall how those geometric designs looked, maybe I can get close enough to Merlica to remember exactly what Lan Bruch said.

Erl of MarrWith all his men in arms did ryse,Even frae Curgarf to Craigyvar:And down the syde of Don richt far,Angus and Mearns did all conveneTo fecht, or Donald came sae narThe ryall bruch of Aberdene.