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He says, that as he was one evening coming out of the theatre, a gentleman, named Bruc, whom he had not before known, stopped him very politely, and, drawing him aside, asked him if it was true that the Count de Thianges had called him (Bruc) a drunkard?

He added, that he neither knew him nor Bruc, except by reputation, but, having made up his mind to be second to one of them, he had decided upon accompanying De Bussy as the braver man of the two.

I was just waiting for---" At that moment the truck from Brucère et Cie raced into the warehouse and came to a screaming halt in front of Vauban.

Tracy was unconscious when they loaded her container onto a Brucère et Cie truck.

Was he to dump his conscience on her desk, a la Bruce, and say, Take care of it .

Oh, you'll get the credit for how this project ends all right, Brucie-baby—all of it.

Claire groped after a phrase she had heard a downsider use once, I wouldn't ask Bruce Van Atta for the time of day.

His blue eyes shifted nervously, white-rimmed like a frightened pony's, to the right of his bed where Bruce Van Atta stood.

The rabbinical students fled, still uncertain whether the pteranodon was kosher or trayfe--but dead certain the eggs w ere edible if the proper bruchah was said over th em.

Loch Bruc constricts here - amongst the low, bare hills near the sea - until it is only a hundred metres in breadth.

 Early  on  he  shared  the  project  with  two  other  creative  spirits  in  the  film world,  Bruce    Berman    and  Kevin    McMahon  at    Village  Roadshow    Pictures.