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n. (context South Africa English) bro; bra; term of address for a man


Brû is a commune in the Vosges department in Lorraine in northeastern France.

Bru (surname)

Bru or Brú is the surname of the following people

  • Antonio Brú (born 1962), Spanish theoretical physicist
  • Claudio López Bru (1853–1925), Spanish businessman
  • Federico Laredo Brú (1875–1946), President of Cuba from 1936 to 1940
  • Francisco Bru (1885–1962), Spanish footballer, referee and manager
  • Heðin Brú (1901–1987), pen name of the Faroese novelist and translator Hans Jacob Jacobsen
  • Jon Bru (born 1977), Spanish professional road bicycle racer
  • Jonathan Bru (born 1985), Mauritian international footballer
  • Jørgen Bru (1881–1974), Norwegian sport shooter
  • Kévin Bru (born 1988), French-born Mauritian footballer
  • Luis Bru (1907–?), Spanish boxer
  • Luis Ortega Bru (1916–1982), Spanish sculptor and carver
  • Mosen Vicente Bru (1682–1703), Spanish painter
  • Myriam Bru (born 1932), French actress
  • Raymond Bru (1906–1989), Belgian fencer
  • Salvador Bru, Spanish painter
  • Tina Bru (born 1986), Norwegian politician
  • Yannick Bru (born 1973), French rugby union coach and former player

Usage examples of "bru".

Cuthan, Earl of Bryn, for Taras and Bru Mardan, and all their thanes, swear to defend the rights of him holding Hen Amas, to march to war under his command, to gather levies and revenues, to acknowledge him lord and sovereign over its claims and courts and to abide by his judgments in all disputes.

On that mission we had one KIA American, one wounded American, two Bru dead or wounded.

You go out either yourself or with one Bru tribesman, or two Americans or two Bru tribesmen.

Bru, I went back with another Special Forces soldier to the Khe Sanh area and located the Bru I worked with.

Based at Khe Sanh, he worked with Bru Montagnard tribesmen in Vietnam and Laos.

In 1992 he returned to Khe Sanh to locate and help the Bru tribe he worked with during the war.

He was a combat engineer and demolition expert who trained the Bru Montagnards in the use of anti-personnel mines, trip flares, Claymore mines, M-79 grenade launchers, hand grenades, and other weapons.

Monsieur Bru, there are some people in this world who do not know the rules of common politeness.

What clever remarks aimed at undermining Faye might the bru nette plant without Tariq even realising it?

Bishop Steuben and the magistrate Bruer provoked confessions from the innocent and the guilty.

When the Bishop and Bruer entered with three men deemed to be solid, upstanding citizens of Rothenberg and a notary, she blended into the background, a nonentity invisible to their esteemed eyes.

On the 30th July he arrived at Bruen in Moravia, where his friend Maximilian-Joseph, Count Lamberg gave him, among other letters of recommendation, a letter addressed to Jean-Ferdinand Opiz, Inspector of Finances and Banks at Czaslau, in which he wrote: "A celebrated man, M.

Alimentato da centinaia di torrenti, era come un essere vivente dotato di forza bruta, che lottava contro ogni scoglio o macigno che gli sbarrasse la via, brontolando a gran voce.

Bruen had made her usual terrific dinner (fish fillets baked with tomatoes and covered with cheese sauce), and we ate it in the beautiful, clean dining room at a table with a tablecloth and flowers.