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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Brownism \Brown"ism\, n. (Eccl. Hist.) The views or teachings of Robert Brown of the Brownists.


Brownism \Brown"ism\, n. (Med.) The doctrines of the Brunonian system of medicine. See Brunonian.


Brownism was a phrase used in an article by BBC reporter Mark Easton to describe the political ideology of Gordon Brown.

The related personal identifier, Brownite has been used to describe people close to Brown. In an opiniated article, Anthony Giddens claimed that in contrast to Blairite, the adjective used to refer to the political ideology of Tony Blair, Brownites tend to be less enthusiastic about market driven reforms such as tuition fees and foundation hospitals and more keen on the role of the state, less critical of Labour's links to the unions and critical of media management techniques such as the use of spin doctors. Will Hutton opined: "Like Tony Blair he [Gordon Brown] is a believer in a pluralist and fair society, social mobility, and marrying economic efficiency with social justice."