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The frantic brownette uttered a choking cry and meekly lowered her arms to her sides.

Cameron snipped away till he had exposed the furry plump triangle of her lovecenter, by which, half fainting with shame and distress, the brownette had averted her face to one side and lay panting with agonized terror.

But Maude and Alice seized the lovely brownette and dragged her down the steps, then removed all of her clothes except a pair of black silk drawers, tying her wrists and ankles with slim cords which were in turn made fast to rings sewn into the couch.

No longer passive, the naked brownette clenched her arms and thighs round her virile mature lover-master, and held to him for dear life as he foraged lingeringly in her love-citadel till once more her amorous tides were shatteringly swept up on the beach of bliss.

Nancy Medbury, turning on the cowering brownette, her eyes flashing righteous anger.

She looked about twenty years old with long ironed brownette hair, not particularly clean, hanging to her shoulders.

She was still using that clumpy greasy old mop of brownette to hide her face, but she spoke with a certain quiet authority, all the same.