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Broun is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Agnes Broun, mother of the poet Robert Burns
  • Broun of Colstoun
    • Broun baronets, a branch of the Broun of Colstoun family
  • Clan Broun, a Scottish Clan name
  • Dauvit Broun, a Scottish historian
  • Frank Broun, Australian politician
  • Peter Broun, the first Colonial Secretary of Western Australia
  • Paul Broun, US Congressman from Georgia
  • Heywood Broun, an American journalist
  • Heywood Hale Broun, an American journalist and son of Heywood Broun
  • Jeremy Broun, a British furniture designer maker
  • John Allan Broun (1817–1879), Scottish scientist who worked on magnetism in India
  • Thomas Broun (1838–1919), New Zealand entomologist
  • "Broun", Middle English spelling for brown

Usage examples of "broun".

Master Sean, and sent Captain Broun and Senior Captain Delgardie after the others.

He loved to dwell on the History of Labor, even though he did mix up Heywood Broun and Big Bill Haywood.

Brun or Broun, as distinguished from the Lowland Brown, which he assumed.

She was a friend of Gene Tunney, Grover Whalen, Dwight Fiske, the Duke of Westminster, Heywood Broun, Professor Millikan and Representative Sol Bloom.

Ramsay, James Andrew Broun, 1812-1860, tenth Earl and first Marquis of Dalhousie, British colonial administrator.

Scherman chose well: Henry Seidel Canby, Dorothy Canfield Fisher, William Allen White, Hey-wood Broun, Christopher Morley.

The New York newspaper columnist Heywood Broun spoke for urban America.

Nick the Greek, who asks me privately who Heywood Broun is, and gets very sore at Rodney B.

And thenne a mere mantyle wat3 on that mon cast Of a broun bleeaunt, enbrauded ful ryche And fayre furred wythinne with felle3 of the best, Alle of ermyn in erde, his hode of the same.

I wanted to let him know that everyone knows what an asshole Brouner is, but then Professor Nobody came up and started yapping at me about my overdue essay, and Malison was herded into an office.