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Brough (rhymes with English bruff or rough or Scottish loch depending on location) may mean or refer to an area, enclosure, round tower or outer wall of a feudal castle.

Brough (surname)

Brough is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alexander Brough (1863–1940), New York politician
  • Andrew Brough, New Zealand musician
  • Arthur Brough (1905–1978), English actor
  • Charles Hillman Brough (1876–1935), American politician
  • Clayton Brough (born 1950), American television weatherman
  • Danny Brough, British rugby player and Man of Steel winner
  • David Brough (born 1962), British Journalist
  • Jim Brough, British rugby footballer
  • John Brough (1811–1865), American politician
  • John Brough (footballer) (born 1973), English footballer
  • Louise Brough (1923–2014), American tennis player
  • Mal Brough (born 1961), Australian politician
  • Michael Brough (born 1981), English footballer
  • Mick Brough, New Zealand rower
  • Monte James Brough (1939–2011), LDS church leader
  • Peter Brough (1916–1999), English radio ventriloquist
  • Robert Brough (1872–1905), Scottish painter
  • Robert Barnabas Brough (1828–1860), English writer

Other "Brough" named individuals include:

  • Brough Scott (born 1942), British horse racing journalist

Usage examples of "brough".

Ophelias, to which, in jealous competition with Brough, he had given devoted care.

The little tiled hall, empty of furniture, led from the sitting-room to the front door, facing across the gateway to the opposite lodge, where dwelt Brough and his wife.

He remembered towards the end seeing Brough with a barrow and some tools passing across the drive towards the lodge, though because of a hedge in the way he could not see exactly where he went with them.

Actually, I saw Brough coming away, presumably having just finished them.

The vital time is between twenty to eight, when Ellen left your grandfather alive at the lodge, and twenty to nine, when Brough began the sanding.

The only difference between them was that Sir Richard was apparently content to continue to pay his gardener to insult and bully him, and Brough was not content with anything.

Sir Richard had proved unexpectedly stony-hearted, saying when approached that if Brough felt too old for the job he had better retire and make room for a man strong enough to cope with such work as had to be kept going.

Brough was now working her fingers to the bone, and merely enquired as to the time she had gone up to the house the night before, and the time Brough had commenced the sanding of the paths.

Cockrill know that Edward had put the film in the camera during that twenty minutes when he had been alone, just before Brough did the paths?

Philip gave you the injection and afterwards showed us the syringe and the coramine, Brough was just outside on the terrace, doing the geraniums.

That interfering old bustard Brough took a fancy to protect me from an injustice and made away with it.

Brough would be safely in the kitchen, and Brough had gone off to his fire-watching.

If he could only make it clear that no one but Brough had been in the lodge, he freed himself and everybody else of suspicion and everything would be all right again.

Brough in collusion with Brough could have murdered Grandfather, and then she could have murdered Brough.

She chose her time when you would all be listening to the news, the servants in the kitchen, and Brough gone to his fire-watch.