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Broome -- U.S. County in New York
Population (2000): 200536
Housing Units (2000): 88817
Land area (2000): 706.822822 sq. miles (1830.662628 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 8.641873 sq. miles (22.382347 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 715.464695 sq. miles (1853.044975 sq. km)
Located within: New York (NY), FIPS 36
Location: 42.136984 N, 75.888310 W
Broome, NY
Broome County
Broome County, NY

Broome may refer to:

Broome (name)

Broome is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:


  • Albert Broome (1900–1989), British soccer player
  • Bob Broome, American football coach
  • Christopher Edmund Broome (1812–1886), British mycologist
  • David Broome (born 1940), British equestrian
  • Ernest James Broome (1908–1975), Canadian politician
  • Emilia Broomé (1866–1925), Swedish politician, feminist and peace activist
  • Frank Broome (1915–1994), British soccer player
  • Sir Frederick Broome (1842–1896), Governor of Western Australia
  • Harvey Broome (1902–1968), American lawyer, writer and conservationist
  • Ian Broome (born 1960), English cricketer
  • Jack Broome (1901–1985), Royal Navy officer
  • James E. Broome (1808–1883), American politician
  • Jerry Broome (born 1966), American actor
  • John Broome (disambiguation), various people
    • John L. Broome (1824–1898), United States Marine Corps officer
    • John Broome (philosopher) (born 1947), British philosopher
    • John Broome (writer) (1913–1999), comic book writer for DC Comics
    • John "Jack" Spoor Broome (1917–2009), American aviator and philanthropist
    • Johnny Broome (1818–1855), British boxer
  • Lewis Broome (born 1991), Australian Rules footballer
  • Mary Anne Broome, Lady Broome (1831–1911), New Zealand writer Mary Anne Barker
  • Paul Broome (born 1976), American soccer player
  • Ralph Broome (pamphleteer) (1742–1805), English stockjobber and pamphleteer
  • Ralph Broome (1889–1985), British Olympic bobsledder
  • Sharon Weston Broome (born 1956), American politician
  • Thornhill Francis Broome (1879–1946), American businessman and rancher
  • William Broome (1689–1745), British poet and translator
  • William Broome (1873–1942), New Zealand manufacturer/tailor, see Swanndri

Given name:

  • Broome Pinniger (born 1902), Indian field hockey player

Usage examples of "broome".

Timothy Evans, Heather Ross, Caroline Akrill, Dick Stilwell, Sue Clarke, Sue Gibson, Andrew Parker-Bowles, John and Tory Oaksey, Marion Ivey, Rosemary Nunelly, Elizabeth Richardson, Elizabeth Hopkins, Julia Longland, Susan Blair, Ann Martin, Kate O’Sullivan, Marcy Drummond, John and Michael Whitaker, David Broome and Malcolm Pyrah.

Kate had at first supposed that a landscape gardener had been employed to lay out the gardens, and to open prospects in the most felicitous way imaginable, but Lady Broome, laughing such a notion to scorn, had assured her that she had planned the whole, and had seen it carried out under her direction.

By ten o'clock, even the inveterate lingerers had departed, and Lady Broome, yawning behind her fan, was saying: 'What an intolerable bore country dinner-parties are!

The pearls were at least eighteen millimeters, as big as the choker Archer had bought for her in Broome.

Under the leadership of Edric Scayse and the Committee, led by Josiah Broome, Pilgrim's Valley prospered.

When she left Staplewood, she would leave also everything that Lady Broome had given her, and how, with barely enough in hei purse to bestow vails on Ellen, and on Pennymore, was she to purchase her bride-clothes?