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Bronwen is a Welsh feminine given name. It is closely associated with the similar name Branwen, which appears in medieval Welsh literature. Used in Wales since the 19th century, it was introduced to the English-speaking public at large by a character in the Richard Llewellyn novel How Green Was My Valley (1939).

Notable bearers of the name include:

  • Bronwen Astor (born 1930), English model
  • Dame Bronwen Holdsworth (born 1943), New Zealand businesswoman and arts patron
  • Bronwen Hughes, Canadian film director
  • Bronwen Maher (born 1957), Irish politician
  • Bronwen Mantel (born 1950), Canadian actress
  • Bronwen Saunders (born 1978), Canadian curler
  • Bronwen Wallace (1945–1989), Canadian poet and short story writer