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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Broider \Broid"er\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Broidered.] [OE. broiden, brouden, F. broder, confused with E. braid; F. broder is either the same word as border to border (see Border), or perh. of Celtic origin; cf. W. brathu to sting, stab, Ir. & Gael. brod goad, prickle, OE. brod a goad; and also Icel. broddr a spike, a sting, AS. brord a point.] To embroider. [Archaic]

They shall make a broidered coat.
--Ex. xxviii. 4.


vb. (context archaic English) To embroider.


v. decorate with needlework [syn: embroider]

Usage examples of "broider".

Chateau de Lavedan preceded by twenty well-mounted knaves wearing the gorgeous Saint-Pol liveries of scarlet and gold, with the Bardelys escutcheon broidered on the breasts of their doublets - on a field or a bar azure surcharged by three lilies of the field.

So rode they two-and-two until the great courtyard blazed with flashing steel and broidered surcoats.

He was in a broad room of red yew, speckled with copper rivets and with floor-to-ceiling hangings on two walls, warmly dark and richly woven and broidered with scrollwork and fanciful animals and twining flowers.

Clothes and ornaments, were broidered and purfled and picked out in sindle-whorls and fretwork, spirals and enamel inlays.

Beside him lay a feathered headpiece and a sword attached to a richly broidered baldrick.

Saint George, I will treat thy person as I did thy broidered kerchief there, fit but for the meanest use to which kerchief may be put.

Berengaria will give thee another broidered with her own hand, and rich as ever dallied with the wind.

They included young Gonzalvio, Viscount of Poitain, and his father, old Trocero, slim and elegant as ever in scarlet velvet, with the golden leopard of his province broidered in stiff, silver-gilt wire on the breast of his jupon.

A wide blue cloak, a squat and sturdy throng Of curt blue coats, a mutch without a speck, A white vest broidered black, her person deck, Nor seems their picked, stern, old-world quaintness wrong.

And as from the broidered covering gleams out the shoulder white Of the bed-mate of the warrior when on his wedding night He layeth his hand to the linen.

Wrapped in an incredibly sumptuous gown of golden broidered emerald silk, with Ian's emerald and diamond necklace at her throat and her hair caught up in intricate curls at her crown, she felt carefree and calm.

Her prow swung north and so round eastaway, and her sail broidered with flower-de-luces smote the mast and filled to the west wind, and those other six fared after her in line ahead with white sails unfurled, striding majestic over the full broad billows.

Midmost of the table to the right of the door was a high seat of old cypress wood, great and fair, with cushions of black velvet broidered with gold, and facing it at the opposite table another high seat, smaller, and the cushions of it sewn with silver.

And that was scarce good for the broidered cloak of purple taffety the Duke Corsus wore about his shoulders.

Bremery in his ram's-horn helm of gold and broidered surcoat of scarlet velvet, leading the dalesmen from Onwardlithe and Tivarandardale.