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n. (plural of brock English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: brock)

Usage examples of "brocks".

The Brocks have detached a house in Belsize Park which sprawls over four floors.

Lest the Brocks should think he does not keep himself clean, he runs a bath once a week.

Martin cannot decide whether the Brocks have devised some unspoken rota, or whether encounters in the bathroom do not concern them.

He consoled himself with the thought that if he stayed with the Brocks, he could look for other accommodation later, but over the weeks he has grown used to the house and its occupants.

In his room, he switched on Radio Three, trying to immerse himself in Boulez in an attempt to blot out the thought what the Brocks might be saying about him.

The alternatives are enduring breakfasts with the Brocks till his graduation, or getting up earlier.

Normally he hates discovering one of the Brocks coming out of the bathroom, but Miranda is the exception.

His last Christmas with the Brocks - perhaps his last experience of a family Christmas.

Supposing there was a choice between the life he has known and a happier life with the Brocks, but without music?

At moments like that, staying with the Brocks for Christmas does not seem a good idea.

At the Brocks home, he rarely watched television, secretly scorning people who allowed it to dominate their lives.