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Broc ([], ) is a municipality in the district of Gruyère in the canton of Fribourg in Switzerland.

Usage examples of "broc".

MacLeod glared at her eldest brother, Broc, and pointed a finger at the door.

Ailig looked first at Catriona, then at Broc and the other brothers still ranged behind him.

Though Broc delighted in causing her anger, Ailig was the only one who ever dared approach her when she was already angry.

Indeed, the only advantage is to Broc, who will rid himself of the thistle in his shoe, and to the MacDonells who will gain the advantage of our strength and reputation.

You fight so hard against Broc you see naught but that which causes him the most grief.

At least with Broc she knew what to expect for retribution and had her own successful ways of dealing with it.

If she removed herself, temporarily, from her home she could thwart Broc and Dogface.

MacDonell said I should deliver it to your brother, Broc, and that he would read it to you.

She was smarter than Broc, so there must be a way around this problem.

She must wed another before Dogface or Broc could find her and seal her fate.

I would hurry to the king to seek his support in this before Dogface and Broc find me.

Whether Farlan delayed Broc and his men for the purpose of letting them escape or simply because he did not like the man mattered not at all to Tayg.

He could not further her goal to protect her clan from the stupidity of Broc and the sheep.

Quickly they had him pinned to the cold ground again, Broc kneeling atop him with his knee on his chest so Tayg could barely breathe.

She had no doubt that soon, Broc would find their trail, despite the snow and wind.