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Inspector Wilson Britch did his best to be businesslike as they entered his aquariumlike office in the middle of the homicide room.

However, today, Britch decided, the unprivate office suited his purpose well.

Vicki, unlike Britch, quite enjoyed the glass walls of the office which permitted the other detectives to continue ogling her as they had when she crossed the room.

Clair and Avenue Road, Wilson Britch lived in a tiny turn-of-the century brick house-narrow lot, small, dark cozy rooms and class.

Pendragon and Vicki on the sofa, Britch in his easy chair, and Agnes, in an unconsciously sexy pose, perched on the desk, and they had brainstormed for three straight hours trying to sort out a pattern in the killings, beyond the obvious one that all victims were twenty-six years old and were killed on successive days from July 10 to the present, twenty-four hours and twenty minutes apart.

In fact, Britch always had her do his staff briefings for him, since they paid far more attention to her than they did to him.

Aquarium, where they could be seen and not heard, and Britch shut the door.

Aquarium and Vicki lay down on the floor out of the sightlines of the outer office, where Wilson Britch was now carrying on the question and answer session.

Captain Wilson Britch to catch a killer who mysteriously uses the Internet to track his victims.

Wilson Britch had finally dismissed the Nationair crew and all their visitors save Vicki and Pendragon.

When we met Griffin the other day, we were meeting K just as Britch thought.

Before installing that lock, it was agreed that Britch would email Vicki and in the course of the conversation, she would let slip her location, in the hopes that K would be still monitoring her email and thus discover where to find her.

Agnes had given them into the modem, so that only Britch or Agnes could access their email or phone.

Vicki thought, and it must be taking Pen away from his discussions with Britch, all of which meant he would be later getting back.

Fuzzy Britches the cat and Woggly the dog were as well behaved as any other enclave animal, but they did reflect his own personality to a certain extent.