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n. (plural of brim English)


Brims is a village at the southern point of the island of Hoy, in Orkney, Scotland. The settlement is within the parish of Walls and Flotta. The RNLI lifeboat Thomas McCunn is on display at the Longhope Lifeboat Museum in Brims.

Usage examples of "brims".

Not that I paid all that much Attention, of course, tho' a good number of Citizens, themselves by way of Brims and Cockades displaying Headgear Messages a-plenty, were loitering about, trying to decipher this Stranger's Hat.

Familiar faces from hunts and childhood training were shadowed to a gleam of eyes and teeth under the low brims of the helmets.

Human in shape, but not in nature, they wore plain black suits, with neat string ties and highly polished shoes, and slouch hats with the brims pulled low, but that was just part of the disguise.

It worked, until you looked under the brims of their hats, to where their faces should have been.

Still other hats without brims, but the crowns oversize, huge, one of them with a pair of actual bird wings cupping the sides.

And the men's hats: the brims of the felt hats were wider but that wasn't all.

The men in suits, ties, vests, and nearly every woman wore a hat-big hats with big brims, or headbands, one of them sporting a two-foot-high ostrich feather rising straight up from the woman's forehead, jiggling steadily-I could follow it moving around the floor.

Then they both turned away, and I stood there on my foolish little stone shelf staring down at first one, then the other of the two dark hats and wide brims which were all I'd ever seen, all I could possibly have seen from the only place I could possibly have hidden.

So, when with crackling flames a caldron fries, The bubbling waters from the bottom rise: Above the brims they force their fiery way.

His father's hydra fills his ample shield: A hundred serpents hiss about the brims.

And on the brims her sire, the wat'ry god, Roll'd from a silver urn his crystal flood.

He was tall with thin shoulders and enormous hands, a beak of a nose, sparse white hair, and the sad eyes of a man who had seen too many Wilf Brims cater through his gate and never return.

Then it winged lower still, to tilt the jars' brims down into the pap.

Is not my Being like a fine-wrought bowl of crystal that brims with the cosmos around me?

They looked round and saw no one more alarming than a very severe-looking old gentleman, whose hat brim in spite of his severity was limp with much lifting, as all Austrian hat brims are.