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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Breme \Breme\ (br[=e]m), a. [OE. breme, brime, fierce, impetuous, glorious, AS. br[=e]me, br[=y]me, famous. Cf. Brim, a.]

  1. Fierce; sharp; severe; cruel. [Obs.]

    From the septentrion cold, in the breme freezing air.

  2. Famous; renowned; well known.

Usage examples of "brimme".

 He  wore  a  dark  coat  and  brimmed  hat  and  rode  a wellgroomed  horse,  the  kind  of  man  Madia  might  have  teased  at  the  castle  more  than  once  but  never actually spoke to, except to give  the  most  despotic  decree.