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Brigitte is a feminine given name. Brigitte may refer to:

Brigitte (magazine)

Brigitte is the largest women's magazine of Germany, with a circulation of around 800,000 and an estimated readership of 3,6 million.

Brigitte (duo)

Brigitte is a French indie folk musical duo formed in 2008 by Sylvie Hoarau (the brunette) and Aurélie Saada (the blonde). Their 2011 debut full-length album Et vous, tu m'aimes ?, went platinum in France. It is sold through both French and the U.S. iTunes Store.

Brigitte (dog)

Brigitte (born 2010) is a French Bulldog dog actress best known for her role as Stella in the ABC television series Modern Family. In 2012 she won the award for "Best Dog in a Television Series" at the inaugural Golden Collar Awards.