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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Sometimes people they could not see followed them from lane to lane, flicking brights.

n. 1 (plural of bright English)Category:English plurals 2 (context US plurale tantum English) The high-beam intensity of motor vehicle headlamps.

Brights (department store)

Brights was a small group of department stores based in the South and South West of England.

Usage examples of "brights".

The Hamptons and the Brights had been neighbors in the small Devon village of Deepford .

The colors carried by the pennant-bearer were those of the captain, Horazzorgio, who had passed through Xerxeon over five brights previously in pursuit of Dornvald the outlaw, Bringer-of-Sky-Dragons.

There is one, a holy man from Pergassos, who was also at this place five brights since—the brother of Thirg, Asker-of-Questions.

Within two brights of promising us invincibility, they have succeeded in rendering us impotent beyond Kleippur’s wildest dreams.

The Brights illuminating Twenty-Four Tunnel glowed softly all around, bathing her in their reassuring refulgence.

Voosla had crossed a number of them during the couple of brights prior to landfall.

A few brights ago, all she had thought of was escape from her crazy parents.

He pulled the van up and stopped, letting it idle, and put on the brights.