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Brigham may refer to the following:

Brigham (surname)

Brigham is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Asa Brigham (1788–1844), Texas politician and businessman
  • Albert Perry Brigham(1855–1932), American geologist and KKK advocate
  • Amariah Brigham (1798–1849), American psychiatrist
  • Carl Brigham (1890–1943), American psychologist at Princeton University, developer of the progenitor of the SAT test
  • Charles Brigham (1841–1925), American architect
  • Harold Brigham (1914–1978), English footballer who played for Nottingham Forest. Stoke City and York City
  • Louise Brigham (1875-1956), American designer and teacher
  • Paul Brigham (1746–1824), Revolutionary soldier and American politician
  • Peter Bent Brigham (1807–1877), American businessman and philanthropist
  • Philip Brigham, Canadian rock singer, composer and guitarist
  • William Tufts Brigham (1841–1926), American botanist and ethnologist, first director of the Bernice P. Bishop Museum (1898–1918)

Usage examples of "brigham".

Although the knowledge that, despite the difference in size and girth, Brigham could hold his own in a fight might also have played a certain role in his decision.

When Brigham merely returned to the letter, Coll swore again and dropped into his chair.

But Brigham had inherited more than his height and his gray eyes from Mary.

He was twenty-four, only six months younger than Brigham, but this was a moment he had been awaiting for most of his life.

Prince Charles Edward had come to France, a magnetic man of courage and energy, Brigham had offered his aid and his oath.

No doubt the fusty Whigs who supported the German who now sat upon the English throne would have wished Brigham hanged as one if they had known.

Hospitality, Coll had warned Brigham, would include questions about every aspect of their journey, their families and their destination.

Still, his friend was in a fever to reach Glenroe and his family, and Brigham would not have known where else to find help.

When the color seeped back into his face, Brigham helped him into the saddle.

With his greatcoat flapping around him and Coll in his arms, Brigham started toward the house.

Snatching the reins of both horses, she hurried after Brigham, cursing him.

An interesting combination, Brigham decided as he caught a whiff of lavender.

It might be true that she had no cause to love the English, but for himself, Brigham preferred to weigh a man as a man, not by his nationality.

From the time he was old enough to understand, Brigham had been taught that being a Langston was both a privilege and a responsibility.

When they parted, Ian to look in on his son, Brigham to take the air and check the horses, they knew each other as well as they needed.