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a. (obsolete spelling of brief English)

Usage examples of "briefe".

His briefest paragraphs and riddles sufficiently possess the adamancy of art.

It was more than three years since his last visit, and for this he offered the lame excuse that the political situation in Russia was too uncertain, which apparently would not permit even the briefest absence of a small businessman while it allowed hundreds of thousands of Russians to travel peacefully abroad.

We have no schools, but from our race come pouring at the briefest intervals the innumerable swarms of our children, merrily lisping or chirping so long as they cannot yet pipe, rolling or tumbling along by sheer impetus so long as they cannot yet run, clumsily carrying everything before them by mass weight so long as they cannot yet see, our children!

Who comming to that soule-diseased knight,Could hardly him intreat, to tell his griefe:Which knowne, and all that noyd his heauie sprightWell searcht, eftsoones he gan apply reliefeOf salues and med'cines, which had passing priefe,And thereto added words of wondrous might:By which to ease he him recured briefe,And much asswag'd the passion of his plight,That he his paine endur'd, as seeming now more light.

         Among our people there is no age of youth, scarcely the briefest childhood.

 The few officers he briefed could think of  nothing  he  had  overlooked,  although  most  thought  him  crazy  for  thinking  up the fool stunt in the first place.

Their  only  relief  was  that  they  would  be  more  fully  briefed  about  the  details  of  the  incident they were dealing with.