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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bricky \Brick"y\, a. Full of bricks; formed of bricks; resembling bricks or brick dust. [R.]


a. 1 Covered with brick. 2 Similar to brick in texture, colour, shape, etc. n. (context slang English) A bricklayer.

Usage examples of "bricky".

Somebody has to win, she would say, I've seen them on the telly, grinning brickies, office workers in syndicates, housewives, don't tell me that they've all been struck by lightning ten times.

DRAMA71S PERSONAE xv Fawning Hill Country Club Members Bricky Fine fellows from the right schools Doozie and the right clubs who passionately Froggie support the interests of the coun-Moose try-as long as theirs comes first, Smythie way first.

By using clock faces instead of chapter titles or numbers in _Deadline at Dawn_, he makes us feel in our bones, like Quinn and Bricky, the inevitable approach of the dreaded sunrise.