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n. 1 (label en politics economics) Brazil, Russia, India and China 2 (label en economics) The fast-growing economies of the above countries


Bric may refer to:

  • BRIC, Brazil, Russia, India, China
  • BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa
  • Brič, a settlement in the Municipality of Koper, Slovenia
  • Brooklyn Information & Culture, an American nonprofit arts and media organization founded in 1979
BRIC (nonprofit organization)

BRIC (which stands for Brooklyn Information & Culture) is a nonprofit arts and media organization located in Brooklyn, New York City founded in 1979. Its original name was "Fund for the Borough of Brooklyn". In the fall of 2013, it opened a 66,000 square-foot renovated former vaudeville theater providing a gallery, an additional space for film screenings, lectures, and readings, and a flexible performance space which will showcase dance, music, and theater admission to which will be mostly under $20.

The organization offers classes in digital photography and video production at low cost.

Usage examples of "bric".

A narrow income, combined with a passion for bric-a-brac, condemned him to a regimen so abhorrent to a discriminating palate, that, bachelor as he was, he had cut the knot of the problem by dining out every day.

Good cheer and bric-a-brac gave him the small change for the love which could spend itself in no other way.

A wig pushed to the back of his head displayed a brick-colored cranium of ominous conformation.

The rooms were paved with bricks, and hung with a hideous wall-paper at threepence apiece.

Dozens  of  bullets  smashed  through  the  glass,  thudded  into  the  brickwork, or whined into the room behind him.

 A number of  large,  undistinguished  buildings,  constructed  of  prefabricated  concrete  with  brick facing,  lined  the  streets.

 A young  woman  was  sitting  at  one  of  the  tables, with plastic cups and plates, scraps of food, and several toys spread all about: a  ball,  a  train,  a scribble pad, dozens of coloured bricks.

Teresa walked as far as the statue of Eros, then went down the steps of one  of the station entrances and found that where the virtual  London  had  ended  in  a  brick  wall  was now the bustling concourse of a busy Underground station.

 All  scenarios  had inconsistencies, brick walls where you expected an Underground station to be.

So, as slaves must work hard, and the Queen of Ev and her children were delicate and tender, I transformed them all into articles of ornament and bric-a-brac and scattered them around the various rooms of my palace.

The Munchkin king entertained them at his palace that night, and in the morning they set out for the Emerald City, travelling over a road of yellow brick that led straight to the jewel-studded gates.

He has been to America and he has been contaminated by the cheap idealism of the Americans, contaminated by the ubiquitous bathtub, the five-and-ten-cent store bric-a-brac, the bustle, the efficiency, the machinery, the high wages, the free libraries, etc.

Her hold was now full of an assortment of ropes, screens, fake treasure chests, feather-light swords, and an eclectic collection of bric-a-brac furniture ranging from ornate ancient chairs to stools some showperson might just have stolen from an ultramodern bar somewhere.

She still weighed a lot less than the Sprites, and she'd spotted a high shelf full of obviously very precious bric-a-bracs.

Instead the glass and bric-a-brac with which the Sprites filled every spare corner had been carelessly swept together.