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BRF may refer to:

  • Bid Request Form, mostly used in Business.
  • Belgischer Rundfunk, a German-speaking Belgian broadcasting company
  • Bitchy resting face, a facial expression
  • Bostadsrättsförening, the Swedish word for housing cooperative
  • Bois Raméal Fragmenté, a natural fertilizer
  • Brasil Foods, a corporation
  • Business regulatory farm, an Indian speaking broadcasting company
  • Black River Falls, Wisconsin
  • Bromine monofluoride, a chemical compound

Usage examples of "brf".

We have verified that corruption exists in the revolutionary network, and suspect that it is not a revolution at all but a device of undead King Brf—but we don't know where the king is hiding.

This was Henrys' ace—that unexpected factor that Brf had guarded against by his caution in giving away information.

Atomic technology made such swiftness possible—but obviously Brf didn't have it here.

Every Uke will drive mindlessly to exterminate the threat—which is obviously the alien presence on the planet—after which King Brf will resurface.

Henrys himself had not anticipated the weapon, so he hadn't outsmarted Brf.

This was close and real and tangible—and Brf had been more than sentient.

But Brf's equipment must be able to damp it out—and he must have had some shelter for himself, so it wouldn't have him dropping off walls.

They should not know about Brf's death yet, because of the Kazo's impersonation—but by this time they had to be aware that the human prisoner was at large.

Even if Brf had survived the burn, he would have been blind in one eye.

I believe Brf sought out all the others and killed them, just before the Earth-conquest materialized.

It knocked Brf and Nuxto aside and plunged down the passage to intercept the mob, spiraling up the wall and across the ceiling as it went.

The two young men can't the woman into the dwelling while a stricken Dolando shuffled brf'P "Thank you, Tholie, but I think it would be better if I slept no.