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Brézé is a commune in the Maine-et-Loire department in western France with the small, dry-moated castle Château de Brézé.

Brézé (surname)

Brézé was the name of a noble Angevin family. The founder and most famous member of the family was Pierre de Brézé (c. 1410 – 1465), one of the trusted soldiers and statesmen of Charles VII. He was succeeded as seneschal of Normandy by his eldest son, Jacques de Brézé (c. 1440 – 1490), count of Maulevrier; and then by his grandson, Louis de Brézé (died 1531), husband of the famous Diane de Poitiers, whose tomb in Rouen Cathedral, attributed to Jean Goujon and Jean Cousin the Elder, is a splendid example of French Renaissance work.

The lordship of Brézé passed eventually to Claire Clémence de Maillé, Princess of Condé, who sold it to Thomas Dreux, who took the name of Dreux-Brézé when it was erected into a marquisate. Henri Evrard, marquis de Dreux-Brézé (1762–1829) succeeded his father as master of the ceremonies to Louis XVI in 1781. He died on 27 January 1829, when he was succeeded in the peerage and at court by his son Scipion (1793–1845).

Usage examples of "breze".

No one's seen her laugh since George Breze ran for mayor and got two votes!

On the same property was a large Federal-style house where Breze had lived with his wife until recently, when she went off with a hoe-down fiddle-player from Squunk Corners.

They drove home via Sandpit Road, past George Breze's snow-covered empire, with only a curl of smoke coming from the "office.

He could imagine the mayor gulping red Jell-O, George Breze wallowing in mashed potatoes and gravy, and Amanda Goodwinter gorging on Oreos, Chief Brodie eating chocolate pudding.

If I were a betting man," Qwilleran said, "I'd put my money on George Breze.

It was scoundrelly George Breze who suggested that Lenny Inchpot had "cracked up.

On the way home Qwilleran thought about Lena Inchpot and George Breze.

So, if Breze didn't steal the goods and rig Lenny's locker and tip off the police, who did?

George Breze was a one-man conglomerate who operated his sprawling empire from a shack on Sandpit Road, surrounded by rental trucks, mini-storage buildings, a do-it-yourself car wash, and junk cars waiting to be cannibalized.

With this scant encouragement Qwilleran drove to the Breze campaign headquarters on Sand pit Road and found the candidate seated behind a scarred wooden desk in a ramshackle hut.

Qwilleran thanked Breze for his cogent opinions and delivered the tape to the paper.

There was a business card from Breze Services on Sandpit Road, the nine-digit zip code indicating that it was of fairly recent date.

In like manner Diane, as we know, wore mourning all her life for her husband the Senechal de Breze.

The tomb of Cavaignac reminded me, I must confess without making any comparison, of the chef d'oeuvre of Jean Goujon: the recumbent statue of Louis de Breze in the subterranean chapel of the Cathedral of Rouen.

This dead man, Louis de Breze, is more real, more terrible, more like inanimate flesh still convulsed with the death agony than all the tortured corpses that are distorted to-day in funeral monuments.