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n. 1 (context informal English) beer 2 (context informal English) A serving of beer.

Usage examples of "brewski".

I let Dweeb take a long sip of his brewski, a young man emerged from the gloom at the end of the bar, walking toward me splay-footed as if he expected me to hand him a diploma.

Dress was the usual casual affair: bathing suits, sandals, T-shirts advertising brewski and surfboards.

After a night of brewski and yoyogurt and dancing, just circulating your blood was difficult work.

The part of my mind not up to its chin in brewski knew I was not expressing myself in the clearest possible terms.

On the paper was a list of names you would definitely want to consider for your next brewski bust.

The brewski was cold and it tasted good, but it would take more than a little alcohol to loosen the kinks in my back.

The mix of brewski and other things in the air was not unpleasant, but it was as alien as anything Orson Welles had ever invented.

Its salty smell wafted through the room like a ghost of the ocean, never quite replacing the smell of brewski and of the room itself.

We selected cans of brewski, popped our tops, and circulated out into a bedroom.

But they were all bitchen bros permanently stoked on each other, brewski, and ripping surf.

Gino and Darlene made their first movie, you could almost have swallowed the thick odour of ancient brewski that filled the place.

I wondered if they were somehow siphoning brewski out of a bottle behind the bar.

She was aware that the brewski was beginning to affect her, perhaps dangerously, but she was still plenty sober enough to recognize that the moment had come for her knockout punch.