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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Brevis is the Latin word for short, and may refer to:

  • a musical note in mensural notation, see Mensural notation
  • Brevis (syllable), a light syllable in Ancient Greek and Latin poetry
    • Brevis in longo, a short syllable in place of a long syllable
  • Toyota Brevis, a mid-sized luxury sedan
  • Brevis, a French surname
Brevis (moth)

Brevis is a genus of moths of the Erebidae family.

Usage examples of "brevis".

I put it to you, Dr Brevis, that this is a remarkable record for one who claims very little knowledge of Tau techniques.

The atmosphere was so highly charged emotionally that the image of the voyage had assumed epic proportions before it had even begun, and Brevis signalled to Porter to close the hatches early to quieten the tension.

Bred in a world used to the statistics of the crushing acceleration gravities of rocket spaceflight, Brevis had earlier envisioned their leap towards light-speed velocities would be a prolonged spell of suffering in an acceleration couch.

When conditions had stabilized and the Tau image remained unchanged, Brevis left the blister and went to the control room where the activity was now centred.

As their speed climbed to measurable fractions of that of light Brevis was completely at a loss to convince himself of any condition other than that of being completely at rest.

When Brevis grasped his arm he woke as though from sleep, and allowed himself to be led through the maze like a blind man.

Drawn by a certain fascination, Brevis returned once to the blister maze and cautiously sampled the now rampant image.

Without waiting for Porter to reply, Brevis ran directly to the blister door.

In this, Brevis had at least achieved his object of getting Porter to apply himself to the task.

As he cut the connection Brevis noted that his own hands were shaking.

In that instant of revelation Brevis forced his mind to withdraw from the fantastic rapport, and forced his muscles to carry him to his knees.

Relying now on his eyes, Brevis sought a path through the disordered screens and dragged Driscoll out to the corridor.

Despite the urgency which the treatment of Driscoll seemed to merit, Brevis felt impelled to visit both Porter and Grus on his way to collect his emergency case.

The rope was attached to a bearded, horned, evil-eyed billy goat which Brevis was taking to market to sell.

         We go to the eleven o'clock solemn High Mass, with plain-song propers sung by the Ritual Choir (that's Darcy Dwyer's lot) and a missa brevis and motet sung by the Gallery Choir, which is like angels, if angels can sing, which I suppose they do.