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  Where they are imperfect, it is commonly from the study of brevity, and rather from the desire of compressing the substance of his notes into pointed and emphatic sentences, than from dishonesty, or uncandid suppression of truth.

Haec breviter Damasus voluit comperta referre: Marcelli populus meritum cognoscere posset.

  The ambassadors of the nations are successively introduced: Theodoric listens with attention, answers them with discreet brevity, and either announces or delays, according to the nature of their business, his final resolution.

  After praising the style of Nicephorus, he adds, and only complains of his extreme brevity, (Phot.

  He then dictated an epistle of tremendous brevity: "In the name of the most merciful God, Harun al Rashid, commander of the faithful, to Nicephorus, the Roman dog.

  His brevity seems to accuse the copious and more recent narratives of Sanudo, (in Muratori, Script.

The fifteen tribunitian laws may be found in the Roman historian (whom for brevity I shall name) Fortifiocca, l.

Denuncia, en el primer capítulo, breves interpolaciones de Plinio (Historia naturalis, V, 8).

Yo sé que casos como el mío, excepcionales y asombrosos ahora, serán muy en breve triviales.

Mi texto será fiel: líbreme Alá de la tentación de añadir breves rasgos circunstanciales o de agravar, con interpolaciones de Kipling, el cariz exótico del relato.

The brevity of his poems, for he wrote nothing de longue haleine, would place him among the minor singers.

The brevity of the poems and their uniform smoothness sometimes produce the effect of monotony.

More were in favor of cutting the cable than Ann would have guessed, not just Reds, but representatives of cultures or movements that felt most threatened by the metanat order, or by mass emigration from Earth: Bedouins, the Polynesians, the Dorsa Brevia locals, some of the cannier natives.

It was representative voting, they had decided, one vote for each of the signatory groups to the Dorsa Brevia document, one vote also to all the interested parties that had arisen since then— new settlements in the outback, new political parties, associations, labs, companies, guerrilla bands, the several red splinter groups.

The generous soul, a young woman from Dorsa Brevia, then proposed that each of the First Hundred be given an individual vote, but this was turned down as endangering the tenuous grasp they had on representative governance.