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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Brett \Brett\, n. Same as Britzska.


n. (context archaic English) A britchka; a kind of horse-drawn carriage.


Brett derives from a Middle English surname meaning "a Breton", referring to an inhabitant of Brittany. Brette can be a feminine name.

Usage examples of "brett".

Impatiently, Brett reached down and grabbed Angelique none too gently by the elbow.

Absently, Brett nodded and raked cold fingers through his damp hair, his gaze ever vigilant on the crew struggling with the wreckage of the mast.

As Brett turned to leave, his eyes skimmed across the vast Atlantic before him.

When Brett walked into the empty cabin, he experienced a sense of loss.

The stopper popped open with a soft plop and Brett sniffed the brandy appreciatively before he poured a hefty draught into a silver cup.

Only when a knock at his door sounded, did Brett actually lift his head again from his measurements.

There was a flurry of activity on the other side, followed by some colorful curses, before Brett realized that he had apparently locked the door.

He would have liked nothing better than for Brett to stay another night.

It had cost Brett a pretty bundle, but there was nothing he enjoyed more than the battle of wits that ensued when they tried to bluff each other.

He raised his crystal goblet and saluted Brett with his eyes before he took an appreciative sip.

Spearing him with an indignant look, she took careful aim at his leg, but Brett saw the kick coming and nimbly sidestepped it.

Squaring her slim shoulders, she glared up at Brett and let loose in a torrent of French.

Reluctantly, Brett had to admit that the only one who suffered damage was the boy.

A rotund little man immediately sidled up to Brett, wiping his hands on a none too clean apron.

The innkeeper stared at Brett, shrugged his shoulders and spread his hands indicating that he did not understand him.