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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Brere \Brere\, n. A brier. [Archaic]


n. (obsolete form of brier English)

Usage examples of "brere".

When that Arcite had roamed all his fill, And *sungen all the roundel* lustily, *sang the roundelay* Into a study he fell suddenly, As do those lovers in their *quainte gears*, *odd fashions* Now in the crop*, and now down in the breres**, *tree-top Now up, now down, as bucket in a well.

Now in the crop and now down in the breres: Now in the tree-top, now down in the briars.

With thicke bristles of his beard unsoft, Like to the skin of houndfish,* sharp as brere** *dogfish **briar (For he was shav'n all new in his mannere), He rubbed her upon her tender face, And saide thus.

Whan that Arcite hadde romed al his fille And songen al the roundel lustily, Into a studie he fil al sodeynly, As doon thise loveres in hir queynte geres, Now in the croppe, now doun in the breres, Now up, now doun as boket in a welle.