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n. (context informal English) breakfast vb. (eye dialect of break English)


Brek may refer to:

  • Brek Shea, American soccer player
  • Ready Brek, an oat-based breakfast cereal
  • Polar Boy (aka "Brek Bannin"), DC Comics character

Usage examples of "brek".

Only the cigar could have betrayed him as a native of Earth, and Brek Veronar never smoked except here in his own locked laboratory.

Astrarch had never yielded to the constant pressure of jealousy against Brek Veronar.

The voice was warm, yet Brek Veronar could not escape the sense of something sharply critical, deadly.

Watching, Brek Veronar felt a little stir of involuntary pride, a dim numbness of regret.

Earth fleet kept up acceleration, and a slow apprehension grew in the heart of Brek Veronar.

Scarvan had chosen Brek because he was one of the few male members of the chiefly house still alive, and he deemed him to be too insignificant to have any real authority.

Even then Brek was forced to live far from Olbia and to accept the constant interference by a Mirayan magistrate in those few tribal duties left to him.

He was utterly loyal to Brek, if for no other reason than the fact that he was next in line to become chieftain and had no wish to hold a position with so much worry and so little chance of fighting or feasting.

Unlike his nominal chieftain, Brek, Jacques had heard the not very unusual rumor that Prince Alexus had a new mistress.

When Brek took her over to meet the Eastern Seagani fighters, they were cool to her.

She watched Brek being polite in the face of their coolness and wondered how he did it.

Yani, Brek, Tusk and Anscom watched the Mirayans training, commenting learnedly on the skills of the warriors.

And it had seemed so innocently right to agree when Brek asked her to make herself available in the town later today as well, to bless more people.

As Brek expected, the hierarch resented the assumption of equality in that look.

There had been some violence against Mirayans as the city fell and the slaves rose up against their masters, but now Brek and Duprey were overseeing the situation, locking the Mirayan men in the watchhouse and their families in various storehouses.