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Breira (Talmudic doctrine)

Breira or Bererah (translation: "clarification" or "choice") is a doctrine in Talmudic law serving as a development of the law of joint property, and its validity is the subject of dispute among Talmudic authorities. According to the doctrine of breira, subsequent decisions can under certain circumstances be retroactively applied to change or clarify the nature and Jewish-law consequences of prior events. English law has the same concept, known as "relation back". The concept was known to the later Babylonian Amoraim.

Talmudic authorities disputed whether the doctrine of breira is a valid Jewish-law doctrine, and they also disputed its applicability to various particular circumstances. Subsequent commentators continued to dispute the doctrine's scope.

The concept has most often been found to be relevant when it is legally significant that a decision be made regarding a circumstance within a specific time period. If intent regarding the decision was not established prior to the deadline, but actions or events that occur after the expiration of the time period clarify the circumstances, the doctrine of breira would allow one to proceed as though the decision had been made in a timely manner. It has typically found to be inapplicable when the time to make the decision is infinite or indefinite.

Breira (organization)

Breira (full name "Breira: A Project of Concern in Diaspora-Israel Relations") was an organization founded to express a left-wing position on Israel. Formed in 1973, it lasted until 1977.


Breira may refer to:

  • Breira, Algeria
  • Breira (organization), a 1970s Jewish organization
  • Breira (Talmudic doctrine), a Talmudic doctrine