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He glanced back at his friend Breck, who gave him a wink, then at Trager, who simply looked disbelieving.

Lukien hurried alongside his king, followed directly by Trager, Breck, the wagonload of gifts, and the forty Royal Chargers accompanying them.

Lukien could see Trager and Breck waiting for them just outside the banquet room.

Trager and Breck, who had been waiting for them beside the table, sat down next to Lukien.

He had come alone, except for Breck, who was on the other side of the site marveling at the mountain of limestone.

It was an ambitious project and Breck had voiced his doubts, but upon seeing the work that had been accomplished in the past few weeks, the soldier was becoming a convert.

The officer of the joust stepped off the field, heading to the side of the gallery to stand with Breck and some other Royal Chargers.

The sentry agreed, and Akeela had Breck count out twenty of the Royal Chargers.

With Breck beside him, Akeela followed the sentry out of the yard, through a portcullis and into the main keep.

It felt odd for him to be taking orders from Breck, but the reversal of roles was necessary.

Gilwyn hesitated in the threshold as he noticed the simple bed and realized this was where Breck slept with his wife.

Gilwyn and Breck picked up their goblets, noticing they were already filled.

He spread his arms wide, looking past Lukien to where Akeela waited behind Trager and Breck.

I thought I heard him mumble, "Back)" though, and once I got his cloak out of the wav, I tore at his shirt, vanking it ruthlessly out of his brecks.

I had sold Jamie's honor to keep him safe, and the doing of it had taken Roger and destroyed Brec's happiness.